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Contribution of PLTU Sumsel 8 for Ring One Residents


MUARA ENIM- (ANTERO SUMSEL) -The work of the South Sumatra PLTU-8 Project is still under construction through Huadian Bukit Asam Power (HBAP) which is a consortium between PT Bukit Asam and China Huadian Co Ltd. However, its contribution to the community around the ring one company has been made.

The number of indigenous workers or the surrounding community involved in the construction phase of the construction of the largest mine mouth PLTU in Indonesia 2 x 600 MW.

In addition, HBAP management consistently contributes to the community in the ring of a company related to community needs. Although, the company does not have income. So there is no obligation to issue CSR funds.

HBAP Deputy General Manager Gusti Anggara said on Wednesday (11/13/2019) that the project was a government program in increasing electrification in Indonesia.

“God willing, we will become the backbone of the reliability of electricity supply in Sumatra going forward, so that there will be no more electricity crisis in Sumatra,” Gusti said.

According to Gusti, if the electricity has flowed properly. Thus, supporting facilities for the advancement of domestic children can be built immediately, so that the generation of the nation from the regions, especially in Muara Enim Regency will get the same opportunities as children from urban areas.

“And also we hope that this will be the engine of economic growth in the area around the company, particularly in Muara Enim Regency and Sumatra in general,” he hoped.

Even though in fact, continued Gusti, it does not yet have a return or income that is legally there is no obligation to do CSR. He said he would continue to make an active contribution to residents, especially those in the ring one company.

There are several contributions that have been channeled by his party to the community around the company, such as giving sacrificial brooms, fogging mosquito larvae that has been done some time ago.

“In addition, we have also helped repair the suspension bridge in Penyarison Village. Nantuan for the mosque is in the form of a fan, sound system, repair of the ablution and repair of the mosque door at the Umi Zahra Mosque in Pulau Panggung Village, Tanjung Agung District,” he explained.

“Hopefully our good faith can be useful for local residents.”With all the deficiencies, we ask for support from all ring one residents in particular and residents of Muara Enim Regency and Sumsel in general,” he concluded. (Rif)

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